Click on Eligibility and Waivers from the Left Navigation bar and you will see this.

What is on this page?  



  • This will show the type of form submitted
  • Red – This form is coming from a different school and requires your response as the Former School.
  • Green – This form is for your student and is either waiting for the Former School response of CIF response.


Date Submitted to CIF:

  • This is the date the form is received by the CIF office.
  • Pending – Waiting for Former School response


Status:  The CIF office will indicate the status of the form with one of the below options.


  • Approved
  •  Denied
  • Holding
  • Incomplete
  • Inactive
  • Limited
  • Pending CIF Response
  • Pending
  • Processing
  • SOP
  • Under Review
  • Valid Change of Residence
  • Non Participation
  • Pending Form School(s) Response



Checking on the Status of your Form


From the Eligibility & Waivers page, click on the yellow folder of the Form you wish to view.