Creating additional user accounts in CIF Home is optional but it can be helpful to give others at your school 

permission to use.  


Use these steps to create CIF Home accounts for School Admin or Coaches.


Find “User Manager” by hovering over “School Settings” on the left navigation. 




On this page you will see all the Users who have access at your school.


Add New Account

To set up a new account, click “Add New”.



  • The Email (Username) should be a valid email address for the account holder.
  • Give this User a temporary password and ask them to change it when they login.
  • Cell Phone will not be published. It will only be used in the case of an emergency if the section office needs
    to reach you.
  • User Types: School Admin vs School User

    School Admin should be reserved for Principals, Athletic Directors, AD Assistants, Accounting Clerks etc.
    School User would be given to coaches or those who need limited access.


Under Permissions, you will check off the features you would like to give this User access to. You will notice that 

these permissions match up with the items on the left navigation bar.