User Manager 

Follow the following steps to create/delete accounts. Find the User Manager on the left navigation bar.  



Add an Account 


To add an account, click ADD NEW. 


Email –Users email will be used as the login Username. Alerts may be sent to this email address, please make sure it is valid.  



Sport Permissions –  All sports/activities that are checked off here, will show on your Home Campus account. Please make sure that only the sports/activities your school offers are checked off.  


If you are adding an account for a Coach please make sure they are only given access to the sports/activities they are associated with.  



User Type – Choices are either School Administrator or School User 

  • School Administrator – should be reserved for Principals, VPs, Athletic Directors, Athletic Trainers, School Finance Clerks etc.  

  • School User – should be reserved for Coaches.  


Modules – These are the left navigation menu items that you are giving this User permission to access. Decide what you would like your School Admin/School Users to have access to and check it off here.  


Active Year – Choose the current school year.  




Deleting an Account 

If you notice the account you would like to delete has a lock icon next to it, that means that the User has taken some kind of action and the account cannot be completely deleted. Instead we can set the Status of the account to “Blocked” which will block access on their account