When you first get your login to CIF Home it might be a little intimating because there are a lot of different options and tabs.  However, once you understand the work flow of things and where you need to go to take care of certain tasks it will seem very simple.  Not all of the tabs will need to be used by you and a lot are just places to update existing information. 

The best thing to do to get started is to familiarize yourself with the layout of the system and where to go for information.  Go to the next article for the Introduction which is "Getting Familiar with the Layout" and then continue to the Setup chapter.  The Setup Chapter will help you make sure that your school is all setup and ready to go.  Once completed with that we suggest that you look at the Transfers and Eligibility Chapter since that might require the most time.  The order after that is up to you as for the items that you might use the most often.  However, it is suggested that you do cover each of the items so you can make the most use of the program.