After first logging into CIF Home you will see a variety of things.  Below is an image of what you might see and an explanation of what each is.  You might be seeing something different if this is the first time your section/state is using the product because it will ask you fill out some basic information about your school, contact information for your Athletic Faculty, and your Coaches information.  You will not gain full access to CIF Home until you complete that initial directory information.  We will usually activate that page once per year before the school year starts.  The purpose to to make sure there is up to date directory information for everyone's purposes.  The good news is this information is saved from year to year so inputting the data once will go a long way!

Here are the explanation of each of the numbered items.

1.  This should say your name of the name of the person whose account you are logging in as, the school the account is associated with, and then maybe your position (optional).  

2.  This is the left navigation bar which will direct you to where you need to go in the system.  

3.  Some of the navigation items will have a small triangle on the right side and the will indicate that there are submenus underneath them.  For example "School Settings" will have items like "Athletic Faculty", "Coaches", "School Information", and "Users Manger" under it.  

4.  We try and put the most used items on the home page so you are just one click away from where you might be needing to go when logging in.  For that reason we include the most recent transfers, ejections, notifications, and messages so you can get right to your destination.  These are all just previews for that feature and you can access all of the items for each of the feature by clicking on "view all" or just selecting the corresponding item on the left navigation bar.