Posting Results

Posting Results can be done in three different areas of Home Campus; the Calendar by filtering for the event, the specific team page, or on the “Score Poster” page. If you are on the Calendar page or Team page, there will be a green button that says “Post Result” next to the game.


Teams > Team > Post Result


Calendar > Filter > Post Result

Explanation of numbered items:

#1 – Forfeit: This is important because your CIF section might use the score/record for power rankings.

#2 – Notes: If this is a volleyball game, please show set scores. If the game has a tie, please indicate tie breaker, example: penalty kicks.


Score Poster

Explanation of numbered items:

#1 – Filter: Use the filter to search for a specific date range, level or sport.

#2 – Show Blank Scores Only: Check this box to bring up only the results that do not have scores entered.


#3 – Save: Most important step!