Adding Facilities

On the Facilities page you will see a list of the facilities that have been added at your school. Please add “On Campus” facilities. “Off Campus” facilities and “School” facilities are shared between ALL Home Campus users and it is likely that the facility you are looking for already exists. If it does not exist in the system, please add it for us!

Explanation of numbered items:

#1 – Section: By default, it is best to choose Home Campus.

#2 – On Campus/Off Campus: If the Baseball team always uses the school Baseball field it would be On Campus. If the Baseball team uses the Community Center field, it would be Off Campus. If your facility is Off Campus, please check to see if it is already in the system.

#3 – Use on Google Maps: Check off this box to link to Google Maps

#4 – Feed Location Title: Title of facility when linked in your calendar program.