To create Contracts for game click on the "Contracts" tab on the left navigation bar.  From there you will have three options to choose from.

Simple - This is ideal for creating many contracts for an entire season all on one document.  The output will be in Microsoft Word.

Multiple - Allows you to create one contract for one opponent for multiple teams.  So if you want to create a contract with a school for basketball including all of your boys and girls levels then this is what you will want to use.  The output will be in Microsoft Outlook.

Advanced - Allows you to manage the signatures that you receive for each of the contracts and also will allow other users of Home Campus to sign contracts electronically.

The process for creating the Simple Contract is as follows:

1.  Use the filter to show all of the games that you want to create contracts for.

2.  Check off the boxes of the games that you want to create a contract for.

3.  We have contact information for athletic directors throughout your organization and you can choose the type of athletic director that you will choose (Boys and Girls, Boys, or Girls).  Once you choose that it will put in the details for that person on the contract.

Creating the Multiple Contract follows very similar steps.

The only difference is you will have to select the opponent and it will only show the events that include the opponent for that sport and date range.  The reports will generate in Microsoft Excel.  Some reports will be larger than one page but you can fix that problem easily when you click Print check off the box that says "Scaling" to fit on 1 page.  

For the Advanced Contract creator it's suggested to watch the tutorial video attached below.  The Advanced section starts at the 3:12 portion of the video.