This feature allows you to set template for games that follow a certain formula.  For example your Basketball games might follow the flow of:

Varsity Boys @ 7PM in Gym

Varsity Girls @ 5PM in Gym

Junior Varsity Boys @ 3:15PM at Opposite Location

Junior Varsity Girls  @ 5:15PM at Opposite Location

Freshman Boys @ 3:15PM in Big Gym

The template allows you to set this formula up and schedule it using just one entry.  The first step is creating the template.  To do that click on Add Event from left Navigation bar.

1.  Click "Add New" to create a new template.  It will allow you to just add the name of the template for your purposes.  

2.  Edit the name of the template by clicking here.

3.  Click on Manage Teams to add the teams to the template.

Here you will enter in the details for your "Lead Team".   The lead team is the one that determine what the rest does.  You will enter in the details for if that team is away or if they are at home.  You can add as many other teams that you would like to and you will answer the questions depending on what the lead team does.  Using our example above if we were going to add our JV team we would say that they play at the opposite place and also on the same day (we give you options to put in same, previous, or following day).  Once all of your teams are set up click on "Add Game" to schedule.

1.  Make sure that you choose "Yes" under the "Multiple Game Template" option.
2.  Choose the Template that you would like to use and then include the details for your lead team.  The rest of the teams events will allow be scheduled depending on what you have input for the details.