Adding Events

Adding all types of events that are happening on your campus. These events can be athletic events or school events! This is also a great way to keep track of your facility use. Events are colored coded in the calendar by event type.

Types of Events:
Games - Athletic Competitions with an opponent(s). Can be District, Non-District, Scrimmage, Tournament, or Playoffs.

Practices - Athletic/Activity practices. There is an event repeat feature that will allow you to schedule practices quickly for the whole season.

Team Events - Athletic/Activity events that are not practices or games can be scheduled as Team Events (e.g. Team Dinner).

School Events - Non-Athletic/Activity events held by the school (e.g. ASB Meeting).

Non-School Events - If your school rents facilities to outside athletic programs or groups, this type can be used (e.g. club practices).

District Scheduler - If all schools in your district are FHSAA Home subscribers, we will include a district scheduler that allows users to quickly add all league games at once on all school calendars.