Explanation of numbered items:

#1 - Calendar View: Choose the view of your calendar. 

#2 - Day Picker: Click a day to view that specific day only. It will take into consideration what is in the Filter. Click “Clear” to clear the filter settings. 

#3 – Filter: Narrow your search results by using the Year, Event Type, Sport, Level, Opponent and Facility filers. 

#4 – Results: Results from filter or Day Picker will be shown here. See below. 



This is the Month View of the calendar results. By clicking on individual events you can preview the game/event details. 

This is the default, List View of the calendar. This view will show more detail. Click the yellow folder next to an event to edit the details. 


Explanation of numbered items: 

#1 – Select/Select All: Use this feature to easily delete all events at once or use the filter to delete specific events all at once.


#2 – Transportation: If an event shows a bus in the column that means that the event will require transportation and has transportation details attached. If you click the bus you can preview the transportation details. 

#3 - Contract: The Contract Signed column shows the status of the contract for the game. A green check mark indicates that both schools have signed the contract while a red x indicates that the opposing school has yet to sign the contract.

*Please note that if you enter Away Games onto your schedule, it will show with a red x but a contract will not have been generated with the Home Team. The Home Team will have to enter the game on their account and you will need to Sign and Copy via the Contract Manager for the game to show as signed on your account.