Schedule Importing

Use the schedule import template to quickly add all games for all teams and all levels at once. Attached on this article is the import template for scheduling. 


Home/Calendar > Team Schedules > Import Schedules

(If you do not have permission to this page please contact Home Campus Support)

The import template is very particular with the formatting and text. Please do not change the columns, even if you will not be using Dismissal Time, it must remain on the import template.



#1 – Game Type: This any of the following – District, Non-District, Post Season or Tournament.

#2 – Date: Formatting for the date must be 7/26/16 or TBA in order to import correctly. If the event is a tournament, each contest must have its own row. 

#3 – Time: For all columns that ask for time (Time, Dismissal Time, Depart Time and Return Time) the format must be 03:00PM or TBA. 

#4 – Sport ID: In order to import several sports at once, we added a Sport ID column (list of Sport IDs are attached to the article). 

#5 – Level: The levels must be written out in order to import correctly – Varsity, Junior Varsity, Freshman, Middle School etc. 

#6 – Location: The choices for location are: Home, Away or Neutral. 

#7 – Opponent: The opponent is the school you will be competing against. Please leave out “High School” when entering the opponent. Example: Boca Ciega