EL11 - Request for Sectional Appeals Committee Hearing

This form, with all accompanying necessary and mandatory documentation, submitted electronically no later than 5 p.m. on the deadline date established in the FHSAA planning calendar for the Sectional Appeals Committee meeting at which you are requesting the case to be heard. It is the responsibility of the school to ensure that the form and documentation is received by the FHSAA on time.

#1 Type - This is the type of Eligibility Form you have submitted

#2 Status - This is the status of the form submitted as determined by FHSAA Admin. 

#3 Appeal Options? - Depending on the form, you might have the ability to request Mediation or a Board Appeal

#1 View Form - View information you have entered on the Eligibility Form

#2 Case Status - Status determined by FHSAA Admin

#3 Notes Decision Date - Notes on eligibility decision and the date

#4 Messages - Communication between school and the FHSAA office

#5 Files - Any files required by the FHSAA will show here. If you need to upload files after the form has been submitted, it can be done here. 

For questions regarding this process please contact HomeCampus@FHSAA.org. 

For questions regarding technical issues during this process, please contact support@Home-Campus.com