Add/Drop Form

This form is used when you would like to add or drop any FHSAA approved sport on Home Campus.

FHSAA Forms > Add Drop Form

You might notice that you cannot schedule any events for a certain FHSAA sport or have any access it to at all on Home Campus.  The FHSAA must place your sport in the alignment for the correct region, class, and district.  When you do not see a sport simply click the "Add New Request" button and then indicate if you are in a District or Independent.  This request will be sent to the FHSAA office and they will then let you know about the placement.

To drop a team or if you are moving from a District to Independent you will click on the "Add New Request" button under Drop Existing Sport.  Then you choose the sport and indicate if your school is dropping the sport completely or moving from a District to Independent.