Importing Students

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Import Template

Please click "Download Sample File" to download the import template for student information. The import template is very particular with the formatting and text. Please do not change the columns or the headers, even if you will not be using "Mother Email", it must remain on the import template. If you are copying/pasting data from another document, please make sure that the cells do not have any additional formatting.

  • Please check for “erroneous” characters within the cells. Check cells to make sure there are no equal signs “=” or quotations “” signs in the cells. We have found that some systems place these items in cells after copy and pasting.
  • Check student names for “extra” characters. For example, if a student name contains an [‘] apostrophe, these characters must be removed to upload your data successful.
  • TIP: Use the “Find and Replace” function within your template editor to remove these characters “in mass” when formatting your template. 

#1 Date - Formatting for the date must be 8/01/17 in order to import properly. This applies for all fields that may utilize the date, including, but not limited to Birthdate, DE9, EL2, EL3, EL5, and GA4.

#2 Gender - This must be written out fully, either "Male" or "Female"

#3 Insurance -  This must be written out fully, either "Yes" or "No"

#4 Type of Student (optional) - Traditional will be indicated with "T" and Non Traditional will be indicated with "NT"

#5 DOE Race Equity - For this column, please use one of the following options: Other, White, Black or Hispanic

Importing Students

Choose the file, check "Resolve Birthdate"

If the import is successful, you will see students listed in your Students database.