Submitting SEL

Teams > Select Team

#1 SEL Deadline - The date the SEL List will be due for this particular sport. After this date the SEL will lock and users will no longer be able to edit or submit their SEL

#2 SEL Limit - The maximum number of players allowed on the SEL. You will not be permitted to add more than this number of players to your SEL.

#3 Select Players - Select the players you would like to add to your SEL. Users may edit this list up until the SEL Deadline date. 

#4 Save SEL - Once players are selected, click Save SEL to submit to the FHSAA. To edit players on your SEL, check/uncheck and click Save SEL again. 

#5 Show SEL Only - Once your SEL is submitted, click Show SEL Only to view your submitted SEL. 

#1 Modified By - Once the SEL has been submitted to the FHSAA, the user who submitted the SEL will show here. 

#2 Date/Time Modified - Date and time the SEL is submitted/updated will show here in PST.