Tournament / Meet Manager

If you are going to be hosting a tournament or meet, you will be entering the matchups and games for all participants using the Tournament / Meet Manager tool.

Add Event > Tournament Manager

Once in the Tournament Manager you will "Add New" Tournament. After Tournaments are entered, this is where you can come back to edit or view the details of each particular tournament you have hosted. 

Enter the details of the Tournament. If this is a pre-season tournament or meet, please select Non-District.

Once the Tournament details are entered, you will Manage the Tournament to add each individual game. 

Please only select "Meet" as the Matchup Type if there are more than 2 teams competing against each other at the same time. 

If you are scheduling a Meet, please add yourself as Team 1. Click "Add More Teams" to add additional schools to the Meet. 

On the Tournament management page you can edit the details of the games. 

Click Here for Tournament Contracts