Update Your Students' GPAs Through An Upload

School Setup > Students > GPA Importer

The GPA Importer link can found at the bottom of the Students page for our users who have not upgraded their account to include AthleticClearance.com. The link can be found at the top of the page for our AthleticClearance.com users.

Please click "Click here to download a sample file in Excel (.xlsx) format". Please do not add any columns or edit any of the headers.

  • The student ID that shows on your Student Screen must match exactly with the Student ID that shows in the Excel cell (not the formula). 
    • The most common error we see is when a lead 0 might be omitted from the Excel when the Student ID that has been input into your FHSAAHome page includes one (e.g. 01234 > 1234).
  • Student IDs that do not have corresponding entries will not be uploaded into the system.
  • Make sure to check for "erroneous" characters within the cells. For example, we have found that some systems export their data with symbols like equal signs "=" and quotation marks "" which must be deleted. 
  • TIP: Use the "Find and Replace" function within your template editor to remove these characters "in mass" when formatting your template.