NJSIAA Home > Transfers > Add New

#1 - Former School - To include more than one former school, click "+Add additional former school student attended in last calendar year".

#2 - Residency Affidavit - Option to upload Residency Affidavit. Sample file is provided for you. 

#3 - Save / Submit - Option to either Save or Submit the form. Save will allow you to leave and return to the form at a later time. Submit will send the form to the former school and will not be available to edit.

After submitting the form, it will be sent to the Former School/s for response. When the Former School/s have responded, it will then be sent to the NJSIAA for a decision. At any time, you can view the status of the Transfer case on the Transfer page of NJSIAA Home. 

Transfers > View 

By viewing the specific student's Transfer you can see the Status log, Messages to and from NJSIAA Staff, as well as upload any supporting documents that may be needed. 

Once NJSIAA Staff has made a decision regarding your Transfer, you will get an email notification as well as see the update on the Transfer Forms Manager page. 

(Students that show in red are FORMER students. Students that show in green are NEW students)