Opening Multiple Folders at Once

In the case you need to open multiple student folders, games etc., cut down on the clicking by opening each page in a new tab in your internet browser. 

As an example, let's say you need to update the start time of 10 events. Instead of opening one, making a change, saving, going back, open another, making a change, save.... you can open all 10 events, make a change, save, move to the next event. 

Find the events that you want to update. 

Hold down Control or Command (Mac) on your keyboard 

As you hold down that key, click the folder of each event you want to open

You will notice as you click the folders, new tabs will open at the top of your browser. That is one tab for each event you click. 

Once you make the change the the event and "Save" you can close that tab and move to the next.