Adding Games

The FHSAA requests that you only enter your HOME games. Contact with any additional questions.

Add Event > Add Game

Explanation of numbered items:

#1 - Multiple Game Template: This is more of an advanced feature. If you are first learning how to add games, please ignore for now. If you are interested in learning more, please see Multiple Game Template tutorial.

#2 - Year: Sometimes users will add events for the next school year. This needs to reflect the school year that the event will be taking place in. The 17-18 school year should stop being scheduled after Spring Playoffs or the end of the school year.

#3 - Matchup Type: Meet should be reserved for meet sports such as Cross Country, Track & Field, and Swimming & Diving. Head-to-head events are for all other sports, including tournaments.

#4 - Facility: Where the event is taking place. On Campus (entered by school admin), Off Campus and School sites. All are linked to Google Maps.

#5 - Opponent: By default, this will show schools that are in the FHSAA. IF your opponent is not an FHSAA school, select "Non-FHSAA School) and type in the school name.

#6 - Dismissal: If this is used when adding games, it can be pulled into a dismissal report that is useful for school supervisors and teachers.

#7 - Transportation: If this is used when adding games, it can be pulled into transportation reports that can be useful for school supervisors and buses.

#8 - Contract Details: Enter your details for the contract between you and your opponent here.

#9 - Game Edit Email: If you make changes to an event and would like to notify your Opponent's AD or Opponent's Coach of the changes, it can be done here while you're changing those game details.

#10 - Save and Copy: Let’s say your Varsity and Junior Varsity have all the same game details, time, opponent, location, but you would like the event to appear on both Varsity and Junior Varsity Calendars. Fill in the game details for one level, “Save and Copy”, change the level and save! Two events entered without the double entry of data.